Успешни проекти


Project ID
Project title
Leading partner
2007CB16IPO007-2009-1-01 Contribution to the Cross-border Fire Protection Municipality of Rankovce, Republic of Macedonia
2007CB16IPO007-2009-1-04 Culture - bridge of cohesion Municipality of Sandaski
2007CB16IPO007-2009-1-06 Establishment of Cross-border Network among the Municipal Experts on Projects and Programmes in the Cross-border Region Association of South Western Municipalities - Blagoevgrad
2007CB16IPO007-2009-1-11 Electronic challenge for modern education Alliance for regional and civil initiatives (ARCI) – Blagoevgrad Branch
2007CB16IPO007-2009-1-12 Cross-border Business Networking for sustainable Growth Association Business Information and Consulting Centre-Sandanski, Republic of Bulgaria
2007CB16IPO007-2009-1-13 Promotion of rural and mountain hiking/bicycle tourism between Bulgaria and Macedonia Women’s Organization - Stip
2007CB16IPO007-2009-1-14 Cross-border cooperation in the field of Renewable Energy Sources and Energy Efficiency Alliance of the Producers of Ecological Energy - SOUTH, Republic of Bulgaria
2007CB16IPO007-2009-1-16 Improving quality of life through promotion and development of cultural resources of the Gotse Delchev and Kratovo region and turn into atractive Art center Tourist Fund PIRIN Foundation, Republic of Bulgaria
2007CB16IPO007-2009-1-19 Bridging Universities and Business for Enhancing Employability Skills for Students American University in Bulgaria
2007CB16IPO007-2009-1-24 TOURISM WITHOUT BORDERS Kyustendil Municipality
2007CB16IPO007-2009-1-31 Equal Opportunities for People with Intellectual Difficulties Chance – nonprofit association for persons with intellectual difficulties, Republic of Bulgaria
2007CB16IPO007-2009-1-32 Shared Knowledge - Investment in the Future Municipality of Stip
2007CB16IPO007-2009-1-38 "The tourism-our common future from Struma to Bregalnitsa" Municipality of Simitli, Republic of Bulgaria
2007CB16IPO007-2009-1-39 Balkan Workshop For Theatre Dramatic Theatre - Kyustendil
2007CB16IPO007-2009-1-40 Cultural Exchange – Sharing Differences Towards United Cultural Development Municipality of Nevestino
2007CB16IPO007-2009-1-44 Cultural Bridges for Sustainable Regional Development Institute for Orthodox Values and Cultural Development Foundation, Republic of Bulgaria
2007CB16IPO007-2009-1-46 Education, Environment, Europe… United Europe Municipality of Lipkovo, Republic of Macedonia
2007CB16IPO007-2009-1-47 Transforming the lines of division into a point of cohesion Municipality of Dojran
2007CB16IPO007-2009-1-49 Fostering Capacity for Joint Economic Cooperation of Kyustendil Region (The Republic of Bulgaria) and NorthEast Planning Region (The Republic of Macedonia) Centre for Development of the Third - NorthEast Planning Region Kumanovo, Republic of Macedonia
2007CB16IPO007-2009-1-51 “Raising the quality of life in the municipalities of Belica, Bulgaria and Makedonska Kamenica, FYROM through the preparation of technical investment projects for socialy significant buildings” Community centre "Georgi Todorov"- Belica, Republic of Bulgaria
2007CB16IPO007-2009-1-52 Encouragement of the social cohesion of the municipalities of Belica and Makedonska Kamenica Municipality of Belitsa, Republic of Bulgaria
2007CB16IPO007-2009-1-53 Cultural Heritage – a Bridge to Joint Future Municipality of Dupnitsa
2007CB16IPO007-2009-1-55 Improvement of Tourist Infrastructure of Boboshevo and Kratovo Municipality of Boboshevo
2007CB16IPO007-2009-1-61 Building cross-border cultural cooperation Municipality of Bansko, Republic of Bulgaria
2007CB16IPO007-2009-1-73 ‘The cross-border region Bulgaria - Macedonia- a good place for manufacturing of clothes - today and tomorrow’ Textile and Clothes Branch Organization - KyustendilC
2007CB16IPO007-2009-1-77 Under the same sky Municipality of Kriva Palanka, Republic of Macedonia
2007CB16IPO007-2009-1-78 "Identical in cultural differences" Municipality of Rila
2007CB16IPO007-2009-1-79 MODERN INFRASTRUCTURE- SUCCESSFUL BUSINESS Municipality of Kochani
2007CB16IPO007-2009-1-80 Wise utilization of eco resources on the mountains Golak and Vlaina Municipality of Delcevo
2007CB16IPO007-2009-1-81 Cross-Border Educational Network for Children with Disabilities - SINET Centre for Development of East Planning Region - Stip
2007CB16IPO007-2009-1-84 Business Incubator – Economic Development and Visibility of Border Region Municipality of Berovo, Republic of Macedonia
2007CB16IPO007-2009-1-90 CULTURE OPENS DOORS TO ENABLING DEVELOPMENT Municipality of Konce



 Project ID
Project title
Leading partner

Sharing of experience and information in wine production industry - a way for cross-border economic development

Association Regional Center of Cooperation SPECTAR - Kriva Palanka

Nature for people and people for nature

Directorate of Rita Monastery Nature park - Rila


Promoting and preserving the biodiversity of Maleshevska Mountain

Association Business Information and Consulting Center – Sandanski


Digital Culture for Regional Cohesion: An innovative data base for raising the awareness in the cross-border area on the regional and European dimension of culture and its better joint utilization

No Frontiers 21 Century Association - Kyustendil


Agribusiness without borders

Municipality of Sandanski


European Knowledge and Qualification Network in the Cross-Border Region 

Social Integration and Mutual Aid Association - Zhabokrat


Social cohesion through investments in Human resources

Alliance for regional and civil initiatives (ARCI) – Branch Blagoevgrad 


Business has no borders

Bulgarian Management Association - Blagoevgrad


Together in the traditions and future

Secondary school "St.St. Cyril and Methodius", Kyustendil


NETworking for Efficient and Sustainable Civil Society across the Border 

European Institute – branch Blagoevgrad


All children learn together – Cross border network of inclusive schools

Centre for Development of the Third North-East Planning Region - Kumanovo

2007CB16IPO007-2012-2-34 Restoration of Nature for Good Quality of Life   

Municipality of Berovo


Cultural Heritage of Our Ancestors – Spiritual Mainstay of Our Common European Future

Regional History Museum "Academician Yordan Ivanov" – Kyustendil


Mapping of cultural heritage in the municipalities of Strumyani and Karbincii and stimulation of the development cultural tourism through integrated tourist products 

Association “In Focus”, Strumyani


Bike Lanes for Citizens and Visitors to Kyustendil and Kriva Palanka

Municipality of Kyustendil

2007CB16IPO007-2012-2-52 Sustainable Tourism and Ecology Promotion Under Partnership 

Municipality of Razlog

2007CB16IPO007-2012-2-61 Improvement quality and accessibility to natural attractions in the Municipality of Belitsa and Municipality of Makedonska Kamenica  

Municipality of Makedonska Kamenica


To keep the youth in the cross border region 

Municipality of Staro Nagoricane


Improvement of the quality and access to social services in the municipalities of Strumyani and Karbinci

Municipality of Strumyani

2007CB16IPO007-2012-2-86 Savoring Unique Nature - Bicycle tourism in support of Nature  

Association Center for Rural Development Bujrum - Kumanovo

2007CB16IPO007-2012-2-89 Valorization of Renewable Energy Sources in the Cross-Border Area  

Municipality of Zrnovci 


Networking and transfer of knowledge for sustainable economic tourism development

Foundation for Local and IT development - Gevgelija


e-Commerce in support of exports from the cross-border region Strumica – Kyustendil

Center for development and promotion Promo Idea - Strumica 

2007CB16IPO007-2012-2-94 Efficient usage of solar energy for better future  

Centre for development of the South-East planning region - Strumica


A cross-border approach to tourism development based on water resources

Municipality of Lipkovo


Traditional knowledge for sustainability - a cross-border network for utilization and protection of wild and cultivated plant diversity of East Macedonia and South-West Bulgaria

Agricultural Association Machinery Ring – Probishtip


Hand in hand: little Bulgarians and Macedonians

Municipality of Vasilevo 


Joint Applicable Research for Natural Recourses Preservation and Environmental Protection in the Cross border Region within the municipalities of Pehchevo and Simitli

Munucipality of Pehchevo


Forms of Cooperation among craftsmen nad SME's for joint participation in local cultural and economic events in Municplaities Kustendil, Strumica and Kriva Palanka

Foundation for Development of Small and Medium Enterprises - Strumica


Sustainable economic development through improvement of the social infrastructure in cross-border region Garmen – Bosilovo

Municipality of Bosilovo


Cultural tourism- bridge between the population in the cross-border region of Garmen and Bosilovo

Municipality of Garmen


Better life for children in cross border region - Life for child

Kinder Garden "Detelina" - Gotse Delchev



 Project ID
Project title
Leading partner

2007CB16IPO007 - 2012-3-002  

Public Institutions - Energy Efficiency

Municipal Primary School "Ilinden", Kriva Palanka

2007CB16IPO007 - 2012-3-005  

Rock'n Pop the Borders

Partners Dupnitsa Association

2007CB16IPO007 - 2012-3-008  

Strengthening textile industry capacities in the cross border region through learning best practices and implementation of promotional activities

Textile Trade Association - Textile Center – Stip

2007CB16IPO007 - 2012-3-010  

Integrated Human Resources Development in the Bulgaria-Macedonia cross-border region

Stratos Foundation – Belitza

2007CB16IPO007 - 2012-3-011  

Entrepreneurs Club

Bulgarian Management Association – Blagoevgrad

2007CB16IPO007 - 2012-3-012  

Social cohesion through establishment of activity centres of interests

Seven Secondary School "Kuzman Shapkarev" Blagoevgrad

2007CB16IPO007 - 2012-3-013

Together for cleaner world

Regional Initiative Association - Branch Razlog

2007CB16IPO007 - 2012-3-014  

Activating Heritage in CBR BG-MK

Municipality of Stip

2007CB16IPO007 - 2012-3-019  

Congressional network and center for vocational and technical skills

American University in Bulgaria
2007CB16IPO007 - 2012-3-020  

Cross Border Centre for Human Resources Development

Civil Initiative for Local Development Foundation –Kyustendil

2007CB16IPO007 - 2012-3-022  

Measures for flood prevention of Rivers Bregalnica and Bistrica

Municipality of Delchevo

2007CB16IPO007 - 2012-3-023  

Common Culture, Traditions and History - a Bridge to our European Future

Municipality of Bansko

22007CB16IPO007 - 2012-3-026  

Promotion of waste management and energy efficiency practices in the cross-border region

"Alliance of the Producers of Ecological Energy - BG" Blagoevgrad

2007CB16IPO007 - 2012-3-028  

E-learning and ICT in Support of Human Resource Development in the Cross-border Region

Business Information and Consulting Center – Sandanski

2007CB16IPO007 - 2012-3-029 

Enabling Organic Production in the Cross Border Region

Association "Savremie" Sandanski

2007CB16IPO007 - 2012-3-030   Women entrepreneurship for sustainable economic development

Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Kyustendil

2007CB16IPO007 - 2012-3-036  

E-Region: Development Opportunity

Association Center for Intercultural Dialogue, Kumanovo

2007CB16IPO007 - 2012-3-039  

Open Gate for Cultural Exchange -Building a Joint European Future

Municipality of Kyustendil

2007CB16IPO007 - 2012-3-040

Road to Herbs - Sustainable model for the efficient use of existing natural resources in the region (herbs, wild berries plants and mushrooms) and creating economic benefits for the population

NGO "EVRO" Kyustendil

2007CB16IPO007 - 2012-3-042  

Leadership and motivation -vocation or profession

Foundation for small and medium enterprises development – Kumanovo

2007CB16IPO007 - 2012-3-044  

Cross border initiative for trainings in the area of health prophylaxis 

Foundation "Health prophylaxis" - Blagoevgrad 

2007CB16IPO007 - 2012-3-047  

Feasibility Study for Trans-border Biosphere Reserve Osogovo 

Bulgarian Biodiversity Foundation Belasitsa Branch 

2007CB16IPO007 - 2012-3-049  

E-service knowledge for social cohesion 

Vocation School of Economics and Management "Jordan Zahariev" Kyustendil 
2007CB16IPO007 - 2012-3-050  

Clean and Green: Raising the Awareness of Young People on Pollution Prevention 

Regional Chamber of skilled craft -Kyustendil 

2007CB16IPO007 - 2012-3-052  

Green future for our kids

Municipality of Berovo 

2007CB16IPO007 - 2012-3-054  

Promotion of rural and mountain tourism through the use of ICT and ISO consultation between Bulgaria and FYROM 

Chamber of Commerce and Industry - Blagoevgrad 

2007CB16IPO007 - 2012-3-059  

Preparation of feasibility studies for development of ski tourism in mountain areas of Belitsa, Bulgaria and Makedonska Kamenica, FYROM 

Community centre "Georgi Todorov - 1885"-Belitsa 

2007CB16IPO007 - 2012-3-065  

Rivers with no borders 

Municipality of Dupnitsa 

2007CB16IPO007 - 2012-3-069  

Team effectiveness as a factor for the development of local democracy and social cohesion between Republic of Bulgaria and FYROM 

Regional chamber of commerce and Industry -Blagoevgrad 

2007CB16IPO007 - 2012-3-074 

Research your closest environment and discover its most dangerous and harmful effects 

NGO "ZUG", Valandovo 

2007CB16IPO007 - 2012-3-075  

Innovation Centre for Young People 

Business Incubator - Gotse Delchev
2007CB16IPO007 - 2012-3-078  

Joint Implementation of Innovative Tools for New Generation Entrepreneurs and Profesionalist Development 

Association Inventivnost 

2007CB16IPO007 - 2012-3-079

Networking of multimedia centres in cross border region 

Centre for Development of East Planing Region 

2007CB16IPO007 - 2012-3-083

Improvement of the Quality of Life in the Cross-border Region trough Promotion and Revitalization of the Common Cultural Heritage 

KUD "Goce Delcev" Delcevo 

2007CB16IPO007 - 2012-3-086

"TOWARDS THE FUTURE" - Study on the potential and utilization of renewable energy sources in the cross border region 

Centre for Development of the South-East Planning Region 

2007CB16IPO007 - 2012-3-091

Improvement of energy efficiency in the cross-border region 

Kinder Garden Snejanka -Gotse Delchev