Финансирани проекти

Project ID
Project title
Leading partner
2007CB16IPO007-2011-2-106JARNARPEPCREMOPSJoint Applicable Research for Natural Recourses Preservation and Environmental Protection in the Cross border Region within the municipalities of Pehchevo and SimitliMunicipality of Pehcevo
2007CB16IPO007-2011-2-109SEDTISICBRGB"Sustainable economic development through improvement of the social infrastructure in cross-border region Garmen - Bosilovo"Municipality of Bosilovo
2007CB16IPO007-2011-2-112Life for childBetter life for children in cross border regionKindergarten № 3 "Clover"
2007CB16IPO007-2011-2-004MALESHPromoting and preserving the biodiversity of Maleshevska MountainAssociation Business Information and Consulting Centre-Sandanski
2007CB16IPO007-2011-2-008AWBAgribusiness without bordersMunicipality of Sandaski
2007CB16IPO007-2011-2-010EKQ NET IN CBR BG-MKEuropean Knowledge and Qualification Network in the Cross-Border Region Bulgaria – FYRoMAssociation for Social Inclusion and Mutual Assistance
2007CB16IPO007-2011-2-012Social cohesion through investments in Human resourcesSocial cohesion through investments in Human resourcesAlliance for Regional and Civil Initiatives
2007CB16IPO007-2011-2-021BNBBUSINESS HAS NO BORDERSBulgarian management association
2007CB16IPO007-2011-2-026TOGETHERTogether in the traditions and futurePrimary School "St. St. Cyril and Methodius" in Kyustendil
2007CB16IPO007-2011-2-034RoNGoLRestoration of Nature for Good Quality of LifeMunicipality of Berovo
2007CB16IPO007-2011-2-039CHOA-SMOCEFCultural Heritage of Our Ancestors – Spiritual Mainstay of Our Common European FutureRegional Historical Museum "Academician Jordan Ivanov" - Kyustendil
2007CB16IPO007-2011-2-046BLKKBike Lanes for Citizens and Visitors to Kyustendil and Kriva PalankaMuncipality of Kyustendil
2007CB16IPO007-2011-2-061NATTRA“Improvement quality and accessibility to natural attractions in the Municipality of Belitsa and Municipality of Makedonska Kamenica”Macedonska Kamenica Municipality
2007CB16IPO007-2011-2-062F-C.A.R.EFurther encouragement of the social cohesion of the municipalities of Belitsa and Makedonska KamenicaMunicipality of Belitsa
2007CB16IPO007-2011-2-063new-Y4YTo keep the youth in the cross border region - new-Y4YStaro Nagoricane municipality
2007CB16IPO007-2011-2-086SUNSavoring Unique Nature – Bicycle-tourism in support of natureAssociation "Center for Rural Development Bujrum"
2007CB16IPO007-2011-2-090NET-TOURNetworking and transfer of knowledge for sustainable economic tourism developmentCitizens' Service Center
2007CB16IPO007-2011-2-092e-Exporte-Commerce in support of exports from the cross-border region Strumica - KyustendilMacedonska Kamenica Municipality
2007CB16IPO007-2011-2-094SP - FUTUREEfficient usage of solar energy for better futureMacedonska Kamenica Municipality
2007CB16IPO007-2011-2-101TRADIKOSTraditional knowledge for sustainability - a cross-border network for utilization and protection of wild and cultivated plant diversity of East Macedonia and South-West BulgariaMacedonska Kamenica Municipality