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Since the JTS will be responsible only for the administrative and eligibility check of project proposals, for the needs of technical (quality) evaluation of proposals, external assessors will be used. After applying a mutually agreed selection procedure the JMC will approve a list of assessors. It is foreseen the external assessors to have an in-depth knowledge and extensive experience on the issues covered by the programme. Depending on the Call for proposals equal number of assessors from the two countries will be contracted by the MA to carry out the technical evaluation. Assessors will sign a declaration of confidentiality and impartiality.

Assessment process:
All projects will be assessed according to the evaluation criteria previously approved by JMC. Assessment will be carried out in three steps:

  • First, opening session carried out by the JTS. Basic information on each submitted project and its beneficiaries will be recorded in an electronic registration system.
  • Second, administrative compliance and eligibility check carried out by the JTS.
  • Third, technical/quality assessment carried out by independent assessors from both Bulgaria and the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia appointed by the MA.

The assessment process will be organised and secretarially supported by JTS. The results of all assessment steps will be summarised in the form of a report and presented to the JMC for a decision.