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Eligable Partners

Eligibility of applicants (Lead Partner and Partners)

All partners involved should fulfil the following criteria:

  • be legal persons and
  • be established within the eligible cross border region between Bulgaria and FYROM and
  • be non profit making and
  • belong to the one of the following categories:
    • be local/regional/national authorities or subsidiary structure(s) of local/regional/national authorities. In case a local/regional/national structure is not and can not act as a legal entity, its legally established central organization, if such exists, shall be the project partner
    • be national and regional agencies (responsible at central, regional and municipal level)
    • be nature park administrations
    • be local/regional forestry directorates
    • be health care institutions
    • be cultural institutions
    • be community centres
    • be regional employment agencies
    • be non-governmental (NGO) or non-profit (NPO) organizations such as business support organizations, local enterprise agencies, development agencies, Chambers of Commerce (CoCs), Information and Communication Technology (ICT) development agencies, educational, training and Research and Development (R&D) institutions, employers and producer associations, trade unions; other state and public agencies and associations
    • be educational institutions such as universities, schools, colleges and libraries
    • be Euro regions
    • or any association of two or more of the above


  • be directly responsible for the preparation and management of the action with their partners, not acting as an intermediary and
  • not be affected by potential conflict of interest with the Joint Structures of the Programme (Managing Authority, National Authority, Certifying Authority, Audit Authority, Joint Monitoring Committee, Joint Steering Committee and Joint technical Secretariat). Should such situation arise during performance of the contract the beneficiary must immediately inform the Managing Authority
Lead partner must be registered within eligible border region between Bulgaria and FYROM at least 12 months before the deadline for submission of project proposals under current Call for Proposals

In case when local/regional/national authorities/bodies situated in the eligible area is not and can not be a legal person/entity , its legally established central organization shall apply as Lead partner .

The maximum number of partners in a project will be ten (10), including the Lead Partner!

Political parties/organisations and trade companies are not eligible.