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Partnership database

Tender for providing service for оrganization of events

04.02.16 | Public tenders

Tender for providing service for “Organization of events under IPA/INTERREG IPA Cross border Programmes Bulgaria - Serbia, Bulgaria - the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia and Bulgaria-Turkey” (Republic of Bulgaria /Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia)

The following documents, which constitute the tender dossier are presented below:

  1. Instructions to tenderers and service contract notice

  2. Draft Contract Agreement and Special Conditions with annexes:

  1. General Conditions for service contracts

  2. Terms of Reference

  3. Organisation and Methodology (to be submitted by the tenderer using the template provided)

  4. Budget (to be submitted by the tenderer as the Financial offer using the template provided)

  5. Forms and other supporting documents

  1. Other information:

  1. Administrative compliance grid

  2. Evaluation grid

  1. Tender submission form



    The complete tender dossier is published on the following websites: http://www.ipacbc-bgrs.eu, http://www.ipa-cbc-007.eu, http://www.ipacbc-bgtr.eu.


    For full details of the tendering procedures, please see the Practical Guide and its annexes, which may be downloaded from the following website: http://ec.europa.eu/europeaid/prag/document.do.


    The deadline for submission of tenders is 17:00 local time (Bulgarian) on 07.03.2016.


    The tender dossier is available HERE: rar.gifTender_dossier_events_2016.rar (5.33 MB)