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Partnership database

Successfully complete Information campaign with the Partner Search Forum in the town Sandanski

13.11.15 | Home

The Partner Search Forum took place on the 12th of November, 2015 in Sandanski, Bulgaria. More than 120 participants from both countries took part in the event. The goal of the forum was to give the opportunity to all organizations, that would like to apply with a project proposal under the Programme, but do not have partners, to establish such relations and to realize future partnerships and joint activities.

During the first part of the event, representatives of the Joint Secretariat presented the basic principles and rules, related to the establishment and implementation of successful partnership within the Programme and potential applicants briefly introduced themselves and their project proposal ideas

During the second part of the event, representatives of the Joint Secretariat coordinated three focus groups for discussion under each of the three priority axis: Environment, Tourism and ompetitiveness 

The Partner Search Forum marked the end of the Infomation campaign under First Call for project proposals. The campaign included two kick-off events, two info days in Bulgaria, three Info days in Macedonia, and the Partner Search Forum in Sandanski.

The campaign and the forum in Sandanski, reaching nearly 500 participants in total from over 270 different organizations.

Managing Authority, National Authority and the Joint Secretaries expressed great appreciation for the active participation of the conducted events and remind all concerned that the deadline for submission of proposals is January 25, 2016, 16:00 pm. EET (bulgarian time) on the address of Joint Secretariat: Marin Drinov Str. №7, Kyustendil, Bulgaria.

Applicants may ask questions to 21 days before the deadline, and the answers will be published up to 11 days before the deadline.