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Info seminar "New period - new opportunities for the development of cross-border cooperation between Republic of Bulgaria and the Republic of Macedonia"

09.02.15 | Home

In order to successfully start the new programme for cross-border cooperation between Bulgaria and Macedonia for the period 2014-2020 the Ministry of Regional Development and Public Works organized an information seminar for potential beneficiaries of the programme.

Information seminar titled "New period - new opportunities for the development of cross-border cooperation between Bulgaria and Macedonia" will be held in the town of Sandanski ("Interhotel Sandanski") on February 25, 2015 from 10:00h.

To participate in the information seminar invited representatives of potential beneficiaries of the whole border region - regional administrations, regional structures of central government, municipal governments, cultural and educational institutions, NGOs, chambers of commerce, associations and others.

The seminar will be opened by Mrs. Denitsa Nikolova, Deputy Minister of Regional Development and Public Works. Potential beneficiaries and stakeholders of the border region will be familiar with the objectives, measures,  budget, mechanism for collecting and evaluation of project proposals under the programne 2014 - 2020. Will also be unveiled entry requirements related to the eligibility of the candidates, their legal status and registration, the need for partnership between organizations from both sides of the border and cross-border effect of projects. In agenda of this event scheduled presetation of examples of successful projects, good cooperation and results achieved during the period 2007-2013.

In order to allow more institutions and organizations to attend the seminar, the number of participants from one organization is limited to two representatives.

Interested can confirm their attendance by e-mail: jtsipakyustendil@gmail.com, phone number JTS - Kyustendil: +359 78 55 11 83 or by fax: +359 78 55 11 85 not later than February 20, 2015 year.