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Documents for preparation of subcidy contract under the 3 Call for proposals

11.11.13 | Home

The following documents for preparation of subsidy contracts under the 3 call must be submitted to the Managing Authority (Bulgaria, 1202 Sofia, 17-19 Kiril and Methodii Str., Ministry of Regional Development, DG Territorial Cooperation Management, room 616):

1)      Copies of the partners’ certificate issued by the relevant body (National Income Agency, Tax office, Social Security Office) for lack of obligations (taxes and social security duties) issued not later than 6 months prior the date of contract signature (December 2013)or plan for rescheduling of the debts if existing (accompanied by English translation )- in original or notary certified copy) for all project partners;

2)      Documentary and other evidences (in original or notary certified copy and English translation) on the most recent legal status of all partners (issued not later than 6 months prior the date of contract signature (December 2013);

3)      Declaration of eligibility, signed by Lead Partner;

4)      Sworn Statements, signed by each Project Partner;

5)      Declaration of Commitment, signed by each Project Partner;

6)      Declaration for awareness with definition for irregularity and fraud and procedure for reporting under Bulgaria -Macedonia  IPA Cross-Border Programme, signed by each Project Partner;

7)      Corrected Partnership and Co-financing statements, signed by each Project Partner;

8)      Specimen of the Legal Representative of the Lead Partner;

9)      Financial identification form of the Lead Partner;

  rar.gif1_Document_contract_3_Call.rar (414.94 KB)