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Poster contest for the celebration of the European Cooperation Day

24.06.13 | Home

For the celebration of the European Cooperation Day, which will take place on 21 September 2013, the INTERACT Point Vienna announces a Poster contest for design of posters that represent cooperation between people in Europe in the eyes of the children!

The Contest is open for children and adolescents age 16 and under living in Europe and neighbouring countries.

The posters should be relevant to the themes: "Working together for a better Europe" or "Sharing borders, growing closer!”

Deadline for submissions: 24 August 2013.

All submissions must be accompanied by an entry form which includes a parent or legal guardian’s signature consenting to the use of poster designs on the European Cooperation Day website, social media accounts and at events.  

The evaluation and ranking of the submitted posters will be carried out by INTERACT Point Vienna.

 You can find information about the terms of the contest and download the entry form (application form) HERE:

unknown.gifformular.docx (16.02 KB)

pdf.gifPoster__EN_.pdf (268.18 KB)