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Joint Monitoring Committee of the IPA Cross-Border Cooperation Programme between Bulgaria and Macedonia was held in Blagoevgrad

15.10.13 | Home

The Joint Monitoring Committee (JMC) meeting on IPA CBC Bulgaria - Macedonia was held on October 10th 2013 in Blagoevgrad, Bulgaria. The meeting was chaired by Ms. Klimentina Deneva, Secretary General of the Ministry of Regional Development of the Republic of Bulgaria, and co-chaired by Mrs. Mielma Mehmeti - Petersen - State Councillor for European Integration of the Ministry of Local Self Government of the Republic of Macedonia and IPA CBC coordinator, on behalf of the National Authority.  Ms. Ann - Yasmin Krabach, a representative of the Directorate General "Regional Policy" of the European Commission, Brussels, has also participated in the meeting.

The Joint Monitoring Committee, comprised of representatives of the central administrations of the two countries, as well as, representatives of the non-governmental organizations and regional administrations of the border region, discussed the progress of the program, the results of the interim evaluation, and projects proposed for funding under the Third Call for project proposals.

The Committee approved 21 projects for funding under Priority Axes 1 and 2 at the available amount of the Third Call and  6 projects from the reserve list, that will be funded  by the savings from First and Second Calls for proposals. The projects cover a number of areas - economic development and social cohesion, improving quality of life in the border region, utilization of environmental and cultural resources of the region. The activities to be financed are related to construction of small scale infrastructure in the region, as well as “soft measures" - related to the exchange of best practices, strategy and analysis on the development of the region, exploring the opportunities to develop future joint investment projects, cultural exchanges and more.

The list of subsidy contracts will be published on the official website of the program immediately after the conclusion of the contracts between the Managing Authority and the Lead Partners.

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